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Stupid app

This app shows trials that are ten year old. It crashes and is a total waste of money. I want a refund

Great app that keeps getting better

This app is great to look and refresh your memory on the studies. There were not so many papers at the beginning but it keeps getting better as they add more and more almost daily I have noticed.

Well updated controlled trial database

Please keep this app up and running. Much appreciated.

It is Great,end of story...the rest is up to us!

This app is not meant to give us as physicians the final word but a starting point to conduct a systematic review.

Amazing pocket reference

It is the expectation that any high-level healthcare provider practice utilizing the highest quality evidence available. Of course, memorizing every landmark trial is unrealistic; the Journal Club offers a great way to quickly reference landmark clinical trials. Additionally, the information is provided in a complete, intuitive, and consistent fashion. Overall, a must-have for those working in healthcare.

Great app

Very good app to have for medical profesionales.

Helpful articles but where is the anesthesia section?

I like the concept of app and have found a couple useful papers in it, but I feel like I was duped into purchasing it. The advertisement photo shows an anesthesia section, and I was incredibly disappointed to find that the actual app does not include this specialty (particularly disappointing as in an anesthesia resident).

No anesthesia section

I was very disappointed to see that the current version of this app lacks an anesthesiology section, despite it being shown in the screenshots in the App Store. I paid for this app with that notion in mind, being an Anesthesiology resident... after inquiring, I was told that the anesthesia articles were now captured under the critical care section, but that doesn't really seem to be the case... love the idea for this app but disappointed that my specialty isn't really covered as it was billed to be...

Nice start

Decent start. Many papers missing. Incomplete cross-referencing. Would benefit from larger database


Crashing like crazy on my iPad Mini 4, especially when I try to sort by date. Also, the touch accuracy is totally off. I have to touch below what I want to select. Edit: working fine again

Very concise and practical

For anyone who strives to practice EBM, this app is outstanding.


An amazing IM intern showed me Journal Club on a a research heavy Stroke Service. It's role on my phone is different than UpToDate's function because of its depth in landmark studies. I recommend it for med students encountering research heavy rotations and those with a genuine interest in navigating landmark studies.


I use this all the time in practice. Very easy read and useful.

Updates needed

Small amount of journal articles and lack of updates is this apps biggest downfall. (Last updated October 2015) I would pay up to 1.99 for its current journal content.

Best collection of important journal articles

This is a great application that keeps track of the best journal articles that have impacted medical care and decision-making over the years. The information is summarized in a succinct fashion and I love the additional comments as well as the links to the original article or abstract.

Incredibly useful

This app is incredibly useful. I'm a pharmacy student and have always wanted something that could condense all major landmark trials into one place. Highly recommended!

Abandoned project

Looks like someone had something in mind, but at the time of closing, discovered that he can make money

Simply amazing and helpful

Great to quickly look up and know the landmark journals

Very Well Done

Going through literature is a time consuming process that sometimes does not yield any useful information or even incorrect information from poorly done trials. Journal Club save me time since I know I can trust the quality of source.

Exceptional Resource

I use this app to look up details everyday for EBM on ICU rounds. I feel it provides a lot of need-to-know information in a concise manner. Definitely easier to refer to this app for most of my evidence needs. It is not a complete list of journals but it has everything you need to practice in an academic setting. Enjoy!

Should be continuously updated

Great app but please add more trials. I otherwise have no complaints.

Exactly what I had hoped for

So easy to use, well summarized, the most relevant and up to date studies. This is a great resource for students, residents, and attendings.

This is the best literature review app

Fantastic quick detailed information at your fingertips.


This is a very effective, thoughtful, useful, efficient app to bring the universe of clinical trials to your fingertips.

Great medical app

Important especially for IM Residents

Need to add more trials

I think this is a wonderful app and would be worth much more money if they add a comprehensive list of trials. Only a handful of trials are listed. However, some of the most commonly sited ones are listed. This should be regarded as a work in progress. Kudos to the author.


Great reference tool for many of the landmark trials discussed on rounds!

Lacks critical results, useless

I really wanted to like this app, but the information is profoundly lacking. Wish I could get my money back

Must-have medical app for physicians, nurses, pharmacists, and students

Great app that provides easy-to-digest summaries of landmark medical studies that guides treatment. All healthcare providers should download this as a reference.


Current Med student here. All I can say is "finally!"

Best app


Needs more psychiatry!!!

This is a wonderful tool, but there is a meager selection of psychiatry articles. Please add some of the seminal studies for child psychiatry: TADS, TEOSS, TORDIA, POTS, etc.

Excellent Medical App

I can echo the same other comments. If the App crashes when you have internet connectivity as it tries to update, uninstall and reinstall. Great app for interns, residents and attendings alike.

Amazing for medical students/residents/health professionals

Expert opinion is becoming less and less important. The future of all clinical decision making will increasingly rely on evidence in literature. This app breaks down all the major trials that guide our decision making process into bite sized pieces of information that makes medical literature fun to read! Whether you're trying to make the right decision to help a patient or impress your team this app is a great place to quickly look for relevant information. Try it!!

Great resource for teaching

Enjoy the collection of landmark studies in a concise format. Very useful as teaching points for medical students on general rotations.

Great summaries for certain specialties

FYI, if your app is crashing, just uninstall and reinstall it! This is advice from Dr. Plante last time, when I had issues. No hiccups since. If not, Dr. Plante is very quick to respond. I've had this app for several months now. It's a great resource if you happen to be practicing in one of the specialties it has more summaries of, i.e. cardiology. On other subjects like ID, I don't see nearly as many articles. All in all, great tool! Keep it up.

Ready, set, crash!

This used to be one of my favorite apps. As an intern no time to read all the new and landmark studies, this was a great go to. For the last 2 months has been crashing whenever I open the app. After the recent update, still no change. FIX IT and I'll give it the 5 stars it deserves when working.


Update: thanks for big fix! No longer crashing and unusable. I have only looked at the Cardiology section and it is fantastic. Seems like "all" the major articles are here. Updates very frequently. Even articles released this month are here! Can sort articles by name or date. Can view articles from all subspecialties at one or filter by subspecialties eg Cardiology. Can further filter by disease eg heart failure. The summaries themselves are well written with "bottom lines" first followed by a more in depth summary and analysis of the article.

Fantastic app!

This app has made my life as a chief at least 3x easier.

Perfect for Rapid Review of Landmark Trials

The app has always worked smoothly on all of my iPhones. I had a great experience suggesting a landmark trial that was not in the app.. Two weeks after I sent the email Boom! They rolled and update with my request. Keep up the good work!

Repeated crashes

Newest version repeatedly crashes right after opening. Without a bug fix, it is completely useless. When this app was working in the past, cardiology section had the most trials. Though even in cardiology, there were multiple instances when I was looking for a specific trial, it was missing. Other sections are extremely sparse.

Crashing after a few seconds

Hardly a comprehensive list. Needs a lot of work with regard to adding a reasonable amount of articles. Now with new update app crashes after a few seconds so it is now useless.


It's a good app to use but repeatedly keeps on crashing that makes it hopeless.. Waste of money.. The app needs to be fixed..


Love the app, but crashes after the update

Great app, crashes every time

Worthless without a fix.

Needs to be fixed

There are several limitations namely the lack of landmark trials which are referred to but not available. Also t is very annoying to have The second trial in a series and not the first that seems counterproductive eg the CHARM And MADIT trials. And last but not least. THE STUPID APP DOES NOT OPEN MOST TIMES😡. I have to delete the app and then redownload. #wantmymoneyback. This app does not deserve a single star😒


This app crashed one day after purchase. Unable to open it now. Paid money for nothing!! This needs to be fixed soon for iPhone 6

Doesn't work!!!

This was an amazing app! WAS. Now it just crashes every time I open it. Please fix!!!!


I love this app, but it keeps on crashing😕

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