Journal Club: Medicine App Reviews

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Great app!

Continuously updated, very useful on the wards and for studying. Beautiful design! I absolutely recommend it!


App is good but some important trials are lacking. Hope they will be added in future updates.

Simply amazing and helpful

Great to quickly look up and know the landmark journals

Abandoned project

Looks like someone had something in mind, but at the time of closing, discovered that he can make money

Incredibly useful

This app is incredibly useful. Im a pharmacy student and have always wanted something that could condense all major landmark trials into one place. Highly recommended!

Best collection of important journal articles

This is a great application that keeps track of the best journal articles that have impacted medical care and decision-making over the years. The information is summarized in a succinct fashion and I love the additional comments as well as the links to the original article or abstract.

Updates needed

Small amount of journal articles and lack of updates is this apps biggest downfall. (Last updated October 2015) I would pay up to 1.99 for its current journal content.


I use this all the time in practice. Very easy read and useful.


An amazing IM intern showed me Journal Club on a a research heavy Stroke Service. Its role on my phone is different than UpToDates function because of its depth in landmark studies. I recommend it for med students encountering research heavy rotations and those with a genuine interest in navigating landmark studies.

A must app

This app is just amazing as a resident on floor for quickly looking up famous trials and their results. A must have!

Very concise and practical

For anyone who strives to practice EBM, this app is outstanding.


Crashing like crazy on my iPad Mini 4, especially when I try to sort by date. Also, the touch accuracy is totally off. I have to touch below what I want to select. Edit: working fine again

Nice start

Decent start. Many papers missing. Incomplete cross-referencing. Would benefit from larger database

No anesthesia section

I was very disappointed to see that the current version of this app lacks an anesthesiology section, despite it being shown in the screenshots in the App Store. I paid for this app with that notion in mind, being an Anesthesiology resident... after inquiring, I was told that the anesthesia articles were now captured under the critical care section, but that doesnt really seem to be the case... love the idea for this app but disappointed that my specialty isnt really covered as it was billed to be...

Not so good

There are few updates.

Amazing, and getting better

This is a fantastic app and a must have for ANY med student, resident or staff physician. It is lacking some studies in specific areas but has monthly updates and is only getting better. Keep up the good work!

Very bad

Need more effort to put in to be uptodate.

Good way to stay up to date

App is updated frequently with new trials.

Thorough, quick customer service

Great reviews and summaries, respond to questions quickly and request for paper reviews

Excellent app

A must for every physician. What I miss is the possibility to change the text size.

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